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EcoSoil™ is a premium quality, special formulation designed to maximize the capillary action that your irrigation systems use to draw water from the reservoir to your plants’ roots. The porosity and texture of the soil blend works beautifully for most plant types. The special blend of soil is available by the bag or in bulk making it easy and convenient for installation. Combined with our sub-irrigation watering system, your client has a winning planting combination that will be beautiful for years.


Ecosoil™ is a chemically uniform, relatively inexpensive and easily mixed. The soil compaction, provides adequate aeration and water drainage. It is designed to enhance capillary distribution of moisture through- out the root zone producing the most optimum plant growth environment. The components are made of fine sand ﴾10%), for porosity, long fiber sphagnum peat moss ﴾20%), ground fir bark ﴾40%) and composted redwood mulch ﴾30%)

Density wt./cu.ft. : dry basis 22.2 lbs
Total porosity : dry basis 81.2%
Air Space at field capacity by volume (6" container) 20.2%
PH 6.0 to 6.5

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