Working to enhance environmental sustainability through our diverse product line.

Garden Art Int’l carries items that can take your project from start to finish from our standard & custom planters to our unique capillary soil to water conservation.

Geomason Geotextile Bags
Planters and Site Amenities

Sub Irrigation Systems

Our Planters & Site Amenities are your source of unique & exclusive designs with a wide range of finishes to choose from.

The GeoMason Bag holds soil to promote permanent vegetation. Since the bags are water permeable, the bag and the soil filter water to protect the environment. Further, water permeable bags are very root friendly by providing stable soil with high moisture content for growth.

Irrigation Systems Reduce: Water Waste · Water Runoff · Pollution · Hardscape Damage · Maintenance Costs · Liability · Overspray · Evaporation

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